My Favorite Longreads in 2014

Books I Read

I must admit 2014 has been a slow year in reading for me, compared to the last four to five years. There are no excuses, only that other priorities shuffled to the top of my daily/weekly life. The blog remained active throughout the year, but dwindled in both quantity and quality. Nevertheless, I can still recommend my favorite top five #longreads of the year, as I look back through my archives. They are as follows, in chronological order as they appeared on this blog:

1) In a long piece titled “Einstein’s Camera,” Joshua Hammer profiles the photography of Adam Magyar [Medium]:

In a growing body of photographic and video art done over the past decade, Magyar bends conventional representations of time and space, stretching milliseconds into minutes, freezing moments with a resolution that the naked eye could never have perceived. His art evokes such variegated sources as Albert…

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The Clairvoyant chapter VI


Waving away the protests of the nurse, Joyce pulled her shawl tight around her and bid me wheel her into the hospital grounds. Refilling her pipe, she talked me through the jobs she wanted me to sort out.

Joyce was fretting about her garden. Positively bosky when she was taken away, her plants had soon fallen into unkept yellows and scattered browns. I declined to expand on the current condition of her grounds. There were so many other jobs that needed my attention. My list, expanding by the second, necessitated a notepad and pen. The vegetable patch, the bill from the butchers, the ground rent to the estate manager, the tobacconists account. The longer the list grew, the more I realised that Joyce knew she wasn’t coming home.

I parked Joyce at the top of the municipal garden. A patchwork of scruffy lawns and scrubby borders that suggested a half-hearted…

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I Ran Away from Pseudo-Paradise

Practical Illusions

I come from a big house with very simplistic dreams.

Growing up comparably well-off (definitely not RICH, but lived excessively nonetheless) in a very poor, corrupt and religious country, gave me unique challenges and bourgeois-like ambitions. Believing that “help” is an essential commodity and that you can become anything you want to be.. of the following: doctor, accountant or a corrupt politician (if you have the money to study or buy your way around it), and at the same time, experience first hand what it is to be poor because your help/best-friend/substitute mother is poor and they wash your underwear, comb your hair, get you a glass of water, give you advice et cetera so they can feed their children. But you- their boss and their (indirect) source of income- you don’t know any better so you throw tantrums at them and curse at them. You blame…

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Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – UPDATE

Don Charisma

We’ve published submission now from three of the five of our winners. ALL were a great success in my eyes, and by the looks in readers eyes with hundreds of hits. Thank you my friends for taking part, you all exceeded my expectations 😀

New Guest Blogger

I am electing a replacement at this stage because one of the my winners hasn’t responded. So I’m inviting for a guest blog spot here on jagweng, please see my original post for the rules, and let me know you agree on that post … that’s your first intelligence test … hint – use the search box on my sidebar or the link under my TCWP graphic 😀

jagweng has been on my radar of top commenters for a while now. Call me selfish, but I really love his positive attitude, and his writing in my comments has been top notch…

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Letter from the Editor: Live Everyday with Intention

The Hudsucker

Letter from the Editor - December 2014

Dear Readers,

With the holiday season now behind us, another eventful year comes to an end. It’s hard to believe that we’re just hours away from starting afresh and venturing into a brand new year when so much has happened in 2014. From tragedies taking place around the world to unrest at home with our fellow neighbors, to threats, disease, and insane politics, the world has seen its share of rough times in the past year. And at many times, it seems like the bad outweighs the good.

It’s equally hard to believe anything worthwhile can come out of challenging times when you’re suffering the pangs of a moment while the abyss of darkness seems eternal, and through these hard times you clearly see not just what needs to be done, but the type of person you want to be. If you change the way you look at things in…

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The suns currently low over the sky of London, and as I look up, I’m illuminated by the pinks and blues that grace the sky. The clouds have drawn in and hang heavily as my eyelids droop under tiredness’s burden.

I stare my reflection down to see a girl with dark hair, dark eyeliner, dark clothes and dark eyes that ultimately lead to a darkening soul. The girl behind the saddened expression is falling apart so slowly yet so rapidly that no one around her knows. Not a single person that’s brushed her arm today or fallen over her feet. Not a single one.

The hours are long and overdrawn, each one growing longer and pulling me closer to the inevitable. Each minute the heartbeat is fading with each pulse of the hand upon my face- my clock face, a metaphor for time and age itself.

My rucksack beside me…

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Midlife Crisis Crossover 2014 in Review: Our 3rd Annual Stats Party!

Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Indy Pop Con! This outtake from Indy Pop Con captures some of the brighter parts of my 2014: LEGO, conventions, new T-shirts, Star Wars, and my wife. Not in that order.

Hey there, supporters and strangers! Welcome to the third annual Midlife Crisis Crossover year-in-review. This modest site was launched on April 28, 2012, as a nervous experiment in writing whatever came to mind in a space to call my own, and so far it’s been a much more fulfilling pastime than lurking around message boards and tapping my foot impatiently while waiting for other fun people to discuss things I wanted to discuss. Last week saw the release of MCC’s 900th post, and so far I’m at a loss to explain exactly how that happened. I dreaded 2014 would be the year I ran out of anecdotes and opinions and jokes, but in hindsight I can’t think of a reason to let…

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