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I monitor my PR, it’s part of being the all seeing all knowing Don Charisma. I bumped into an interesting thread, where my name had been needlessly and irrelevantly dragged into a support question. It seems that some feel that WordPress.com technical support forums are a personal chat room to further their own political ambitions … or seek attention, for whatever dumbass reasons.


They’d closed the thread by the time I reached it, so glad someone else had said exactly my thoughts, and very eloquently expressed … comes straight from a long time blogger too (musicdoc1).

musicdoc1 set things straight, so very well said that I’m quoting it and publishing it out to the 40000 followers here. Your a superstar in my book … GO musicdoc1, you rock … don’t stand for it, take that bully down !

WordPress.com technical support forums – Dec 27, 2014, 2:01 PM musicdoc1 said :

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