The Missing Traveler.


“Sound of a Splash”;

The redness of his eyes traumatised the sparkling water, blemishing the blue sky and placing the redness in the very heart of the ocean. It was the day when she, the ocean, had lost someone really special; it ought to be as he remained her only companion who had stayed for this long.

The sea lay dead as the breeze had grew fond of the silence which reverberated from the desert ashore.  In midst of these conditions of turmoil, there lay a man marooned all alone on this island of doom. Along the shore, we find the ruins of the possible ship which might have brought the gentleman to this place.  Years lay testimony to the plight of this unlucky traveller whose fate remain blemished even under the ever bright sun.

The diary which the marooned traveller adored like his companion was filled with the life…

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