The Insipid Influence of Christopher Nolan (or Complex vs. Convoluted)

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I want to take an objective look at the works and influence of Christopher Nolan. I will fail. I am not a fan of the man’s work, but I am a fan of cinema and I care where it goes and how it goes there as I believe it’s telling of us; the viewers. It reflects how we view the world at a certain moment in time, the quality of our analysis of art, it influences our understandings and sets up our expectations of life in many cases. A responsibility many in the industry may not have earned. There seems a strong division whereby people feel you need to worship him as “the Kubrick of our generation” or tolerate him as “the new Shyamalan”. Nolan has become a rather influential figure and I worry this is not for the best. The purpose of this essay, however, is to let you…

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