Moving country or city? These 11 apps and websites will be there for you.

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christmas in Chicago Christmas in Chicago

You’ve made the decision. You’re taking that job in the bright lights and moving to another city. Now the decision is made, you are dreaming of all the opportunities ahead. So, what next? 

Moving to another city, or even another country is one of the biggest decisions you can make. It’s also one of the best. I’ve upped and changed my lifestyle four times since I turned 17, and I can tell you that the best experiences I’ve ever had have come from shaking things up and seeing where I land. In fine tuning my adaptability, I’ve also found that it’s the smallest things that get to you. Where on earth do you find a sink plug in Canada?

If you’re just not sure about making that big leap, that’s ok. We’re all different. These tools can be used in your own city. Who knows, maybe…

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