I Ran Away from Pseudo-Paradise

Practical Illusions

I come from a big house with very simplistic dreams.

Growing up comparably well-off (definitely not RICH, but lived excessively nonetheless) in a very poor, corrupt and religious country, gave me unique challenges and bourgeois-like ambitions. Believing that “help” is an essential commodity and that you can become anything you want to be.. of the following: doctor, accountant or a corrupt politician (if you have the money to study or buy your way around it), and at the same time, experience first hand what it is to be poor because your help/best-friend/substitute mother is poor and they wash your underwear, comb your hair, get you a glass of water, give you advice et cetera so they can feed their children. But you- their boss and their (indirect) source of income- you don’t know any better so you throw tantrums at them and curse at them. You blame…

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