Butch and Beautiful: Identity Collection


Judgement is best left to the ignorant, they do it so well. However if we can enlighten the ignorant then we should, because judgement has no place in a life of fulfilling growth, happiness, and success.

This painting is a symbol of acceptance, it is meant for us to ask questions. And our conclusions should be one of understanding and support.

This is a man who appears quite rugged and dominant, but he only hides behind this mask. His true personality and sexuality are expressed through his bright purple eye shadow, his smeared on pink lipstick, and the delicate glitter he dusts upon his brow.

He prefers to spend his nights dressed up and in the company of other beautiful men; and as much as he desires the firm touch of a man he still goes home to a girlfriend who he pleases.

When people look at him they seeā€¦

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