A few good things I read this year

Heather Vandenengel

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The year’s nearly done and I crossed off the only two things I had written on a “Bucket List” two years ago, which was to drink moonshine and run the Big Sur Half Marathon, so I guess my work is done here.

And now I will add to the flood of year-end lists with a short one of a few of my favorite longreads and essays that I read in the last year. I was looking back at my Pocket and bookmarks and didn’t seem to have as many stories that gripped me or blew me away as much as last year, but I did spend a lot of time going back to a few essays.

On Self Respect | Joan Didion | Vogue

I think I read this for the first time this year, and if not, I definitely thought about it a lot throughout the year. She nails it throughout (minus the…

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