A bit of good green energy news for your holidays, courtesy of New England


I write about bad news pretty much all the time, so for the holiday season, let’s check out a little piece of good news.

Of all the criticisms lobbed at renewable energy, two points are most common:

  • Wind and solar are intermittent — the wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine — which means they are not “dispatchable,” i.e., a grid manager cannot reliably and predictably deploy them to meet demand.
  • Renewables are more expensive than fossil fuels.

As it happens, the New England ISO (Independent System Operator) is busy upending that conventional wisdom.

ISO-NE, as the nerds call it, is the nonprofit organization that administers the New England grid and its wholesale power market. It is responsible for making sure that supply (generation) matches demand (load) at all times; it tells all the 82 large generators in its territory when to put electricity on the grid and…

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