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Shadow and Flame with Magik



They are making a sequel to Woman in Black!?! Seems like a direct to DVD cast.

Taken’s third film is coming. Still haven’t seen any of these. Famke Janssen is in this one, not sure if she isn’t in the second one. Should be supporting her career.

Chris Hemsworth is in a Michael Mann film, Blackhat, that has to be good.

Mordecai looks like it has a good cast, besides Johnny Depp. Ewan McGregor, Olivie Munn, Aubrey Plaza, Olivier Platt, Gwyneth Patrow and Jeff Goldblum.


They settled on, The Wachowskis, for their combined name. That makes sense.

Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ll be watching this eventually, I’m sure. Still not that big of a fan of Dakota Johnson. Plus, Jamie Dornan is #NotMyChristian

Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman, the trailer didn’t look that great but now that I see Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson is in it along…

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