2014 for Samantha Jay Photography// New Year’s Retrospective // Best of Engagements

Samantha Jay Photography has had one heck of a year! I can’t believe 2014 is over!  This past year has been such a labor of love.  I am just so unbelievably happy that I have found something I am incredibly passionate about to pursue long term.  I have always been someone who has easily found my passions.

In high school, I was completely involved in musical theater.  I took voice lessons, dance and was involved heavily in my high school’s music and theater department.  Before leaving for college, I was convinced that I wanted to be on Broadway.  However, as I began my college search and the painstaking audition process I realized that as much as I loved singing and acting I felt that pursuing performance as my career would ruin how much I loved it.  It would take the fun out of it.  I switched gears to Broadcast Journalism, thinking…

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