The Missing Traveler.


“Sound of a Splash”;

The redness of his eyes traumatised the sparkling water, blemishing the blue sky and placing the redness in the very heart of the ocean. It was the day when she, the ocean, had lost someone really special; it ought to be as he remained her only companion who had stayed for this long.

The sea lay dead as the breeze had grew fond of the silence which reverberated from the desert ashore.  In midst of these conditions of turmoil, there lay a man marooned all alone on this island of doom. Along the shore, we find the ruins of the possible ship which might have brought the gentleman to this place.  Years lay testimony to the plight of this unlucky traveller whose fate remain blemished even under the ever bright sun.

The diary which the marooned traveller adored like his companion was filled with the life…

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Tour Through Blogland

Vancouver Visions

Part 2 – Main Article

With Christmas now having come and gone, and New Year soon to be upon us, I see that for myself a brief time of renewal has not only manifested in the hundred and three or four days that I have had this blog up and running, but this short period of renewal has actually pretty much already run its course. Just over three months ago, I had come to the decision that it was finally time to begin working in earnest on a project that I had put off for far too long, the writing of a novel that I had been approached about a very long time ago, and which in the procrastination that is a major component of the disability that I continually fight with, had been put off again and again, until I eventually reached a point where I wasn’t even sure…

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On Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Wild’ and the Redemption Narrative


Like Dante, then, Strayed is on a spiritual journey, beginning in damnation, bound for deliverance. That makes Wild a redemption narrative — and that, in turn, helps explain its popularity, because redemption narratives are some of the oldest, most compelling, and most ubiquitous stories we have. We enshrine nature writing in the canon — you were probably assigned Thoreau and Emerson et al. in high school — but it is redemption narratives that dominate our culture. Among other things, you can hear them in religious services all across the land and in AA meetings every day of the week.

Wild embodies this ancient story. Or, more precisely, it embodies the contemporary American version thereof, where the course is not from sin to salvation but from trauma to transformation: I was abject, dysfunctional, and emotionally shattered, but now I see. This version has more train-wreck allure than the traditional one (being…

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The Insipid Influence of Christopher Nolan (or Complex vs. Convoluted)

symphonyofzann's Blog

I want to take an objective look at the works and influence of Christopher Nolan. I will fail. I am not a fan of the man’s work, but I am a fan of cinema and I care where it goes and how it goes there as I believe it’s telling of us; the viewers. It reflects how we view the world at a certain moment in time, the quality of our analysis of art, it influences our understandings and sets up our expectations of life in many cases. A responsibility many in the industry may not have earned. There seems a strong division whereby people feel you need to worship him as “the Kubrick of our generation” or tolerate him as “the new Shyamalan”. Nolan has become a rather influential figure and I worry this is not for the best. The purpose of this essay, however, is to let you…

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Our Top Picks for the Best Albums of 2014

The Hudsucker

THS Best Albums 2014

It’s been an interesting year for music. From Iggy Azalea’s Fancy blowing up on the radio, to a free record from U2 for every iTunes user in the world, to multiple bands breaking up and reuniting, 2014 draws to a close with some incredible tunes from a diverse mix of musical genres. The biggest story this year might belong to Taylor Swift though who earned the honor of the first platinum record for 2014. Critics and fans alike agreed it was one of her best to date, but there was a lot of music pre- and post Swift’s release worth a listen.

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Five a Day

Becoming Olivia Red


For months on end I have been dreading this.

I had had my suspicions, so much so that I had gone through his phone and searched his car. When I found them, I had tried to ask him about it, but it only started a fight. Feeling like a crazy person, I prayed I was wrong.

But I was right.

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